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Sports injuries and arthritis pain are the most common reasons patients need knee surgery. Dr. J. Brannan Smoot in Austin, Texas is a knee surgeon with an athletic background who truly understands how frustrating a knee problem can be.

If you have a knee problem, you are likely experiencing pain in the knee joint, stiffness and limited range of motion, and swelling. These symptoms make it difficult to run, walk, or play sports. Even standing and sitting can become painful.

For many patients, knee surgery is a last resort. Dr. Smoot will recommend an alternative to surgery if he believes surgery can be avoided or postponed. Whether or not you need surgery, you can rest assured that, as a fellowship-trained knee surgeon, Dr. Smoot has the experience and skills to restore your function and relieve your pain.

Common knee conditions treated and surgeries performed include:

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Knee Surgery and Rehabilitation

Depending on your diagnosis, knee surgery may be performed arthroscopically. This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that requires a smaller incision, leading to faster healing and recovery and less pain. Whenever possible, arthroscopic surgery is preferred by Dr. Smoot.

Post-operative rehabilitation is essential to the healing process after having knee surgery. In many cases, patients achieve greater strength and stability in the knee joint after surgery as a result of physical therapy. The process will gradually build your muscle strength, endurance, and range of motion while managing your pain and swelling over the course of several months.

If you’ve been dealing with knee pain or recently suffered a knee injury, it’s time to see Dr. Smoot. He’ll let you know if you need knee surgery or physical therapy. He is available at our offices in Northwest Austin and South Austin. Request an appointment online or call Texas Orthopedics today: (512) 439-1001.