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Foot & Ankle

If you have injured your foot or ankle, Dr. J. Brannan Smoot will take the time to listen and understand exactly what happened to you in order to recommend the most effective solution, whether it be surgery, physical therapy, medication, or a combination of these.

Foot and ankle conditions require the skills and expertise of an orthopedic doctor with specialized training in foot and ankle surgery, and Dr. Smoot is an excellent choice at Texas Orthopedics in Northwest Austin and South Austin.

Common foot and ankle conditions Dr. Smoot sees include:

Visit our patient education library to see more foot and ankle conditions treated by Dr. Smoot.

Foot and Ankle Surgery and Rehabilitation

If non-surgical methods cannot correct your condition, Dr. Smoot may suggest surgery. The type of surgery you have will determine how much downtime you’ll have after surgery and when you can begin physical therapy.

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure preferred by most orthopedic surgeons, especially for minor injuries affecting the tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. It offers the advantages of less pain, greater range of motion, and faster recovery, which means you’ll be back to your normal activity level sooner. Dr. Smoot also performs reconstructive ankle surgery for more serious injuries.

After surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises will be extremely important to the success of your recovery. You can expect some level of pain, discomfort, and stiffness during the early days following surgery, but the goal is to gradually help you regain strength and complete function of your foot and ankle. It may take a few months to completely recover, but with the help of Dr. Smoot and Texas Orthopedics’ physical therapists, you will receive the best quality care possible on your road to recovery.

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